Welcome to Green Light Southampton

Green Light Southampton is a social enterprise offering young people and Vulnerable adults the chance to learn new skills in carpentry. carving, construction and life!

 All of this is done in a safe secure and supportive enviroment!

Our workshop is based in central Southampton.

2012 is going to be a year of Olympic proportions at Green Light make sure you and your clients are part of it!

'Everyone should have the chance to come to Green Light it is a great place to be they are really there for you'                       Ben aged 22

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What's On Offer 4 YOU
  • BORED????????

    Bored hanging around the streets?

    Join in the fun at Green Light, learn a trade and have a brighter future!

  • Vulnerable Adults

    Looking for a safe secure and supportive enviroment to learn new skills which will increase confidence and employability?  Look no further Green Light is the place for you!

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